Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring RAN USA is the best way to position yourself as a leader in the market, providing solutions to today’s challenges and leading the way in developing the solutions of tomorrow.

RAN USA has a core audience of senior decision-makers, but attracts and connects all levels of participant. This is the perfect place to interact with every individual involved in the decision making process.

There are numerous ways to get involved with RAN USA and get your solutions in front of this truly unique audience. They include:

  • Overall event sponsor
  • Working Group sponsor
  • Registration area sponsor
  • Innovation Gallery sponsor
  • Networking drinks sponsor
  • Hosted workshops
  • Lanyard and badge sponsor
  • Lunch or breakfast sponsor

Many of the sponsor packages available involve speaking slots at the event, so enquire now about how you can be involved via our enquiry form below, or email khushboo@avrenevents.com.